Lucky Seven Resolution Variant

For some, the "positive" and "negative" approach taken to die rolls in ICONS, resulting in a modifier from +5 to –5, is unsatisfactory due to the fact that heroes can perform below their "average" capabilities a good portion of the time. Although this is factored into the game's probabilities (in that an "average" result of +0 or better occurs some 58% of the time) it may be esthetically displeasing to roll "below" a character's normal capabilities.

One simple means of addressing this is the "lucky seven" guideline; in essence, since the dice probabilities of ICONS are the same as 2d6–7 (for a –5 to +5 outcome), the same results can be achieved by rolling the two dice, adding both of them to the hero's ability level, and increasing all difficulties in the game by 7. So an average level of difficulty in the game would be 10 (the average level of 3, added to 7), the maximum level of difficulty would be 17 (the equivalent of level 10 + 7).

Everything else, including modifiers and outcomes, works the same. Effort (the result of ability + die roll) is still compared versus Difficulty to determine outcome, and an effort 5 or more greater than the difficulty is still a massive success.

Powers House Rules:

These are some recommended house rules concerning specific powers to keep the flavor of the game and game balanced. They were all tested in years of online play and should help keep the flow of the game going.

Origin of metahuman powers:

All humans in the metahuman age have a very small node in their brain that was considered unusued. Those with secret knowledge however knew that in a select few, that part was more active and was what allowed otherwise normal people to either become supernatural creatures or have powers that they hid from the daylight world. With the Hexian War and the opening of the Crescent City Rift, that part of the brain has become much more active then ever before, leading rise to a new breed of human, the Metahuman. Even creatures thought to be mages or undead all showed signs that the Cherenkov-Kirby or CK node was far more developed then in normal people. Hexians all seem to have been born with a active CK node but for some reason it only holds energy gotten from our solar systems yellow sun. Thus on their home planet, which for unknown reasons they hadn't left in millennia until their sun went nova and they were forced to flee.

At any rate, the CK node is ultimately the source of all metahuman abilities that tend to defy physics as we know it. Suppression of the CK node is possible, but its tricky and requires specialized gear. There is no known weaponized CK node suppressor available.

It should be noted that even though the CK node seems to be the source of abilities, the nature of those abilities can vary wildly, and have different characteristics. Magic is different from Magnetism and what effects one may not effect the other.

List of limited or modified powers. (Assembled Edition)

 Absorption: If you take Broad (all physical or all energy) Absorption you are subject to the same rules as Resistance(Damage) in that if the attack is under your rank, but over half your rank(round down) it is treated as Non-Lethal and you may deduct half your rank (round down) from the damage. You however get the full rank of the attack for powering your ability.



Example: you have Absorption (all physical) rank 7, and are shot by a damage 3 pistol, you would take no damage and may release your power however you have chosen (healing, blast, ability boost) with a power rank of 3

You are then shot by a rifle with a damage of 5. You would take 2 point of Stamina as non-lethal damage(half of 7 rounded down is 3, so 5-3=2) as it was still under you Absorption rank of 7 its non lethal damage and you could then channel 5 ranks into your power.

You are then blasted by a tank round for 9 damage! You would take 6 points of LETHAL damage to your Stamina and could channel your power up to rank 7 (blast, healing or ability boost depending on how your power works.

Another change is Resistance does NOT stack, rather you take either the higher of the two abilities.

 Alter Ego: In a point buy system this ability cost the same as your highest ability or rank.(and if over 7 does not count as a second rank 8+ power)

 Duplication: not recommended unless this is that characters ONLY power (or other powers are non-offensive)

 Force Field: see Resistance (Damage)

You may also use your full rank to resist being Touched.

 Gadgets: You may divide your Gadget ranks up between several devices or take this power multiple times in order to have several variable devices. You may take the Limit ・Change only at the lab which means you can only change your Gadget powers when you are at your lab, armory or someplace where you store your gear.

Normal gear like regular firearms and cell phones are not Gadgets per say but rather Equipment. Their availability is subject to the GM.

 Immortality: You MUST have the limit that SOMETHING can kill you permanently.

 Interface: Your ranks of Interface also determine the range you need to be to a receiver in order to use the power. (see benchmarks)

 Invisibility: This power is banned if you have ranged attacks unless there is a limiter on it with GM approval.

 Life Support: does NOT count toward the rule of having only 1 power or ability rank 8+

 Nullification: You may not take general nullification but must take a limit on it that specifies a specific power type it effects. (ie. Magic, Mutant powers, Mental Powers, Fire Powers ect.) It should also have a damn good explanation as to why you can turn other peoples powers off.

 Precognition: You may always Tag this power for a reroll of an action as you see your mistake and correct it just before it happens. (at the cost of a Determination point of course)

You can also spend Determination to retcon something you could have theoretically have foreseen.

 Resistance (Damage): If you are struck by an attack (that does Stamina damage) you may deduct half of your Resistance (Damage) rank (round down) from the amount of Stamina you would have taken. If this result is less then 0 you are unaffected by the attack as usual. If the attack was Lethal, but less then your Resistance (Damage) rank, its treated as Non-Lethal especially for the purposes of Stun and Kill results. If it was greater then your Resistance (Damage) rank, the remainder is treated as the original attack (and if Lethal you are subject to Kill results)

((This prevents high DR characters from becoming nigh unstoppable and dragging out combat for hours as you slowly grind down a Tank type.))

Limit: Hard Armor (You take lethal from any lethal attack over half your rank (round down)

 Servant: Your creations cannot have a rank or ability greater then your Servant rank (with the exception of Life Support and Supersenses)

 Super Senses: does NOT count toward the rule of having only 1 power or ability rank 8+

 Time Control: actual Time Travel will be subject to GM approval on a case by case basis and may be inaccurate if it furthers the story.



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