Alternent Advancement System

This is an alternate advancement system for your Icons game.

The GM at the end of an episode may hand out an Advancement Point to each character that participated which can be used to purchase improvements and new abilities.

To raise a rank by one point costs…

Ability or Power (Current rank in ability or power)

New Extra (Current rank in ability or power)

Specialty (current rank +3

New Power 3AP for Rank 1)

 For example. Dr Portal has an Intelligence of 7 and wants to raise it to 8. This will cost 7AP (and take 7 weeks of play to earn usually)

She then wants a new Extra on her Rank 3 Interface (increasing its range) this would cost 3AP

She then wants a Specialty in Martial Arts. this will cost 3AP for the first rank. if she wants to increase it to rank 2 it will cost another 4 AP.

Finally after getting her guns taken away once too often she wants Laser eyes. So she buys Blast power for 3 ap for rank 1, then improves it at current rank in AP.

so to get a Blast 5 laser eyes would cost 3+1+2+3+4+=13AP

Alternent Advancement System

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