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    In Icons Impossible the players will be superheroes who form the CHESS Rook Teams. They are called in on a as needed basis for specific missions so the team roster changes to fit the situation and availability of the heroes.

    The background …

  • The Background Setting

    The History of the Meta-Human Age:

    Before 2001 things were boring, there were no known superhuman's, no aliens or alien tech floating around, people didn't believe in magic. Just the usual wars over …

  • C.H.E.S.S.

    CHESS is the name of a publicly known US government organization involved with dealing with metahuman threats.

     Initially formed by the US Government as an extension of the CIA and FBI, specifically …

  • Intercrime (the Criminal Elite)

     Intercrime is probably the most successful criminal organization to date, specializing in hi-tech weaponry and espionage. Though they occasionally extend branches into other countries, they have a firm foothold only in the United States …

  • Houserules

    Lucky Seven Resolution Variant

    For some, the "positive" and "negative" approach taken to die rolls in ICONS, resulting in a modifier from +5 to

  • Alternent Advancement System

    This is an alternate advancement system for your Icons game.

    The GM at the end of an episode may hand out an Advancement Point to each character that participated which can be used to purchase improvements …

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